A polygraph examination consists of three distinct phases

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Pre-Exam Interview

During this first phase, the examiner will:

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Polygraph Exam Phase

During this second phase, the examiner will:

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Post-Exam Interview

During this last phase, the examiner will:

No Deception Indicated (NDI) The Examinee is telling the truth
Deception Indicated (DI) The Examinee is not telling the truth
Inconclusive No Opinion can be rendered
Incomplete Insufficient Data collected
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Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists All examinations will be administered by a professionally trained and certified polygraph examiner (polygraphist) using a state-of-the-art system of computerized polygraph technology.

The examiner will adhere to the highest standards of excellence and ethics as required by the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists. Careful attention must and will be given to every person being examined. Every examinee will be treated with respect, dignity and impartiality.

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Polygraph Examination Service - Canada

Polygraphist expert, Sergeant Michel Côté has spent over twenty years in the fields of policing, investigations, intelligence and military operations