The polygraph instrument is often referred to as the "Lie detector". It is a popular but misleading name for the polygraph instrument. Actually, it should be called a "Truth Verifier" since statistics reveal that, in a majority of instances, a polygraph examination will establish that an individual is truthful.

polygraph examinerIn Greek, polygraph means "many writings" and was named so because of the several ink pens used in its analog days. At the present, the polygraph instrument is entirely computerized in the sense that selected physiological responses are collected using medical grade instrumentation, digitally recorded and finally analyzed by a highly trained polygraph examiner.

In essence, the polygraph instrument is a recording unit that enables the polygraph examiner to determine whether a person's statement is truthful or deceptive regarding a specific issue.

During a polygraph examination, the examiner will place various painless components on the examinee's body, thereby connecting him or her to the polygraph instrument. These components are equipped with sensors which serve to collect physiological responses controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

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polygraph examinationSuch system autonomously controls many organs in the human body: notably the heart, the lungs, the eye pupil, the digestive tract and the salivary glands to name but a few.

With the help of the polygraph instrument and its components, physiological data from three major systems is collected:

There are many misconceptions about the polygraph examination. Please refer to the QUESTIONS section in order to separate fact from fiction.

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