The Meeting

Once our services have been retained, a meeting will be scheduled between the client and the firm in order to obtain all relevant background information and case facts on the specific issue. It is crucial that the client discloses all information for it will serve as basis for the type of services proposed.

The Plan

Upon reviewing and analyzing all the case facts, POLYGRAPHIA will provide a comprehensive action plan that will explain the proposed services. This action plan will be created in order to meet the client's objectives.

The Service

Once the action plan approved, the firm will complete the required services.

The Result

Upon completion, the firm will first provide the client with an initial verbal report, which will be followed in a timely manner with a complete written report detailing the results.

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Terms & Conditions

For all polygraph exams, a non refundable deposit of $150.00 is required once a date and time of the examination is agreed upon. The balance shall be paid the day of the examination, before the service is rendered. In case of a cancellation, the client will be entitled to a full reimbursement, less the deposit, ONLY if the examiner is notified at least two (2) working days prior to the examination. The client will otherwise be responsible for the full expense as the company can not typically fill the open appointment on so short notice.

All information obtained before, during and after the polygraph test will remain the property of the client. Other than a court order, or under the explicit consent of the client, no proprietary information will be disclosed by POLYGRAPHIA.

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Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists All examinations will be administered by a professionally trained and certified polygraph examiner (polygraphist) using a state-of-the-art system of computerized polygraph technology.

The examiner will adhere to the highest standards of excellence and ethics as required by the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists. Careful attention must and will be given to every person being examined. Every examinee will be treated with respect, dignity and impartiality.

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Polygraphist expert, Sergeant Michel Côté has spent over twenty years in the fields of policing, investigations, intelligence and military operations